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welcome to Angel Light, where we honor the memories of your loved ones with care and craftsmanship

Services Offered

We would like to present only some of the models that we are implementing as an example of what we are doing.

A tombstone modes #1

A tombstone modes #2

A tombstone modes #2

Explore the extraordinary craftsmanship at Angel Light, where distinctive and innovative tombstone models are expertly crafted from natural stone, alabaster, mosaic, and metal. Our unique designs can even be illuminated using solar energy, adding a touch of innovation to honor your loved ones.

A tombstone modes #2

That's cool, isn't it?

There are more and more modern, classic and artistically innovative models at the hands of our international experts.

About Us

We are a Dutch art company specialized in the completion of stone mosaic works.
Artistic products made by the hands of professional artists.
Our products are characterized by beauty and keeping up with the times, so they come with real art panels formed from natural mosaic stone, illuminated day and night with lights that operate on solar energy.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship embodies the pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something exceptional. It combines skill, expertise, attention to detail, and a deep appreciation for the craft, resulting in products or outcomes that are valued for their superior quality and inherent beauty.

Excellent Service

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We take great pride in offering our customers an exceptional experience by providing complimentary, unwavering, and feasible quotations.

Success Stories

I feel completely satisfied with my dealings with this company, as it is committed to its deadlines, works with high quality and accuracy, and also has skilled workers.

― Anne Smith

Yes, I was lucky to choose this company to place a tombstone on the grave of someone dear to me, who is my father.

― Laura Mattis

I thank you for the good performance and I give you all the confidence. I wish you more success. It was a good service.

― Victor Miller

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